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The tone and pacing of the message we create for you leaves your customer feeling informed, well treated and eager to ask questions. When you come on the line your customer is better informed and ready.

With information messages:

  • Callers stay on the line
    up to 3 minutes!
  • Callers stay On Hold
    40% longer
  • Callers have
    15% more inquiries
  • Caller requests for products
    and services mentioned
    increase 12%
  • Callers prefer information
    to music or generic messages
    by 85%


On Hold Messages, Advertising and Music

Your Phone Rings... Now your Image is on the Line!

Putting clients and prospects on hold is inevitable, but wasting their time or annoying them is not! When the phone is an important part of your business, don't let your business get put on hold.

ImageLine makes on hold time spring to life with interesting,
engaging and relevant information for your callers!

Using digital equipment compatible with most telephone systems, you can fill telephone on hold time with engaging facts about your business, services and products. Our automated attendant systems allow you to ensure that your customers wait for you!

Our consultative approach means we work with you to fully understand your business and learn what makes you unique. We then create scripts, narrations and voiceovers that tell your story in an informative, entertaining and compelling way. With a message on hold that tells your story, on hold waiting time turns into an opportunity for prospects and clients to learn more about your company!

On hold messages from ImageLine: your first step in keeping people on the line.

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New Customers get 15%0ff

New clients registering through ImageLine's website receive 15% off of their contract for services for one year. Just fill out the contact form and make sure you click the box next to "New Customers get 15% off".

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"The ImageLine On Hold staff understand how they can help make your job easier. Their enthusiasm, expertise and professionalism ensure that you get messages designed to meet both your needs and those of your customers."
Connie Buckwalter,
Web Marketing Coordinator
Lancaster General