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Customer Testimonials

Leonhardt Manufacturing (Play Demo)
Leonhardt Manufacturing was founded in 1970 as a one-man tool and die shop and has grown to approximately 90 people working in a modern 89,000 square foot facility. Leonhardt produces quality tubular products and welded assemblies that combine CNC bent tubes, stampings, machined parts and a variety of finishes from pain and powder to decorative chrome. New technology, services and products can sound very technical in this business. Leonhardt uses telephone on hold messages to help make sure their customers understand the new services and products available, as well as reinforce their commitment to excellent customer service in a manner that invites response.

"We are always looking for ways to reinforce our image as a world-class company, so the message-on-hold product just made sense. With the professional assistance of ImageLine, our callers get to learn about us--our capabilities and our people--which leaves a much better impression than dead air or music. ...while nobody can precisely measure the bottom-line impact of such a marketing tool, I am confident it has to be a positive one."
Bob Jacobs
Leonhardt Manufacturing Co.


Lancaster General (Play Demo)
Lancaster General is a hospital and health care system with a reputation for excellence in the community. Telephone on hold messages are used throughout the system and offer seasonal health and safety tips, information about health programs and recognition of team accomplishments. It’s almost unavoidable placing callers on hold in the healthcare industry; Lancaster has found a way to utilize that hold time with patient education and appreciation.

“ImageLine On Hold staff understand how they can help make your job easier. Their enthusiasm, expertise and professionalism ensure that you get messages designed to meet both your needs and those of your customers.”
Connie Buckwalter,
Web Marketing Coordinator
Lancaster General


Anderson Automotive (Play Demo)
Anderson Automotive is a well-established, respected and expanding auto dealership in Baltimore metropolitan area. The use of on hold messages has helped them keep their customers coming back by keeping them informed. Messages have also contributed to the development of new customers with testimonials about the sense of trust that is an integral part of Anderson’s approach to business. The dealerships and repair shops use on hold messages that include announcements about new models, hours of operation and ease of repairs at the dealership.

"Natalie and her staff are great to work with. They are proactive and responsive, whether we need a script written or an update made. Her voice is crisp, clear, and positive, which gives callers a good feeling. We've gotten nothing but positive feedback. It is much better for them to hear a message about our business than to hear music or's just smart business."
Bruce Mortimer
Anderson Automotive

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